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Security technology

Your company's digital eye

Your challenge

Whether it’s an office building, shop, or server room, many areas of your organization are vulnerable to attack. You need sophisticated risk management for the reliable protection of your employees, material assets, and data against burglary, theft, vandalism, or fire. With modern video technology, surveillance is simple and effective, culminating in mobile real-time remote surveillance via app:

Should outdoor or indoor areas be under video surveillance?

Does IP-based video surveillance make sense?

Are motion detectors and an alarm system required?

Which access controls and door code systems are state-of-the-art?

How can visitor management and fire protection be integrated into an overall concept?

What we can do for you

Together, we determine your security requirements, analyze the risks, and develop the right mix of prevention, surveillance, and alerts. We inform you about the current legal situation of video surveillance, select suitable IT components, and can install an IP-based, integrated, and scalable all-round solution on request.

Do you have any questions about security technology?