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IP communication

The common language of your network

Your challenge

It’s been a long time since communication consisted only of telephone calls and e-mails: Modern teams use network-based messenger services, Skype, chats, voice and video conferencing. The ISDN standard technology used up until now can no longer cope with these scattered working environments and diverse communication channels. Deutsche Telekom is also modernizing its network and shut down its ISDN network in 2018.  The switch to all-IP is therefore inevitable, but raises many questions, especially for SMEs:

How can you transition into the IP age as seamlessly as possible?

What practical added value does IP offer through smart functions?

Does the entire telecommunications system need to be replaced or retrofitted?

Which routers and which user devices are required for all-IP?

Are IP landline and mobile telephony growing together?

What savings can be realized through all-IP?

What we can do for you

We set up and maintain a uniform IP-based communication platform, advise you on choosing the required hardware, and thus provide more comfortable working conditions for your team, better voice quality through VoIP, and higher data transmission speeds—all at lower operating costs.

Do you have any questions about IP communication?