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Data center

Your company's treasure trove

Your challenge

Your data center houses your most valuable treasure: data. Malfunctions, downtimes, and poor performance not only affect operational processes, but can at worst also result in financial losses. Digitalization has caused data volumes to increase exponentially, and the secure storage and efficient management of big data poses many questions for companies:

Is the data center’s design fail-safe?

Is the performance sufficient to keep the data available at all times?

What backup strategies and recovery solutions are recommended?

Is statutory data protection ensured (GDPR)?

How can energy and cost savings be achieved?

Is the IT infrastructure scalable in preparation for digitalization?

Are cloud or hybrid solutions a sensible alternative?

What we can do for you

Our data center specialists develop future-proof server, storage, cloud, and virtualization concepts and provide you with a customized infrastructure—from server architecture, cabling, and electrical engineering to video surveillance and air conditioning. In addition to technical know-how and project management, we also provide suggestions on how you can use modern data center design to optimize your organizational workflows.

Do you have any questions about data centers?